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Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Hey, Cutie!

First of all, Thank you for reading The Cutie Daily! We appreciate your viewership and invite you to check out all of our pages in the magazine to get the full experience we've created for you!

That said, this is our letter to you about a new feature we want to add to The Cutie Daily and it's called 'The It' Girl.'

This feature is about celebrating, elevating, and highlighting Women who are business owners, students, teachers, coaches, executives as well as any and all Women who are pursuing their goals and dreams on their own terms.

We don't know what is going on in the private lives of these Women. We're just looking from the outside in. We want to be honest about that. We post Women who appear to be Women are putting in the work BUT should that not be the case and it is revealed that a Woman is not living in her truth, we believe there is room in our Magazine to discuss that. We never want to shame ANY Woman HOWEVER we DO want to hold space to discuss why we move the way we move as Women...and that is what this space is for.

If you have a celebration, elevation, or highlight that you want to share please share it with us at so we can share it with the rest of the Cuties who frequent our site!

It is our hope that you are inspired...or at the very least use this feature as practice for inspiration of Women. Some of us grew up thinking that we are ONLY supposed to look at other Women as competition. We want to create opportunities for ALL Women to be exposed to awesome Women living in the pursuit of their happiness so that those Women can be inspired to do the same thing!

The 'It Girl' in our eyes is a Woman who is

  1. Financially savvy

  2. Socially savvy

  3. Aesthetically savvy

  4. Professionally savvy

She is a socialite but down to earth and she is always willing to help the Gworls (that means 'Girls' in case you've never heard of that saying...we want to make sure we include all the Gworls in this!).

Our idea of the 'It' Girl' IS ever-changing though. So stay tuned as we continue to elevate our attempts to elevate the Elite Cuties among us.

Thanks again for reading The Cutie Daily! And check back in for the latest on an "IT GIRL" near you!

-The Team at The Cutie Daily

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