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Hey ya'll. It's Sani and I am the CEO of Cutie Booty Media and the creator of The Cutie Booty Magazine, The Cute and the Cute AF. clothing line and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

I created this Magazine for a variety of reasons with one of them being that I LOVED reading Magazines when I was younger. My Mother read Jet and Essence Magazine when I was a teen and I was LOCKED IN do you hear me??? So that's the first and most obvious reason for me as to why I got into the 'Magazine' game.

Secondly, I want a place for ALL WOMEN to feel safe and seen. I want Women to read these articles, and memes, and videos and I want them to laugh and relate and be inspired by the power the Women in our content exude. This is important to me because the Magazines I read in my early 20's always made me feel the opposite of what I just mentioned above. I ALWAYS felt like my ENTIRE EXISTENCE was to become DESIRABLE to a Man. It rarely encouraged me to work on being my best ME for ME! I want that for Women. Also most of the 'self-development' and self-help' content are inspired, created, and presented to Men. When I was on the come up in Radio I had to rely on the male perspective with regards to self-development and I want the next generation of Women to develop themselves to a program that was created for Women by Women.

Thirdly, this Magazine is, was and will ALWAYS be a safe space for Black Women. I want to be very specific and intentional when I say 'Black Women' because that is exactly who I am talking about. If a Black Woman can feel safe here, all Women can feel safe here.

Black Women have historically been viewed as not 'worthy' of protection, love, support, understanding and humanity and that is EXACTLY what I intend to provide with this Magazine. Because again...if a Black Woman can feel safe from stereotypes, verbal abuse, hate crimes and whatever new weapon they out there creating to bully Black Women...then ALL Women can feel safe here. I can assure you, the Black Woman will be respected, protected, and elected on this site and throughout all Cutie Booty Media brands.

Well, that's it. I just wanted to introduce myself to you so that you know who is writing these articles. If you EVER have any suggestions about the Magazine or just want to show support get at me at!

Let's go.

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