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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In our latest Love Lesson we examine the case of Jonah Hill and his ex surf instructor Sarah Brady. According to PopBase, Sarah exposes text messages from their relationship:

In the alleged text messages, the actor demands her to have ‘boundaries’ including not posting bathing suit photos on her Instagram or surfing with men, despite being a surf instructor.

It's been interesting to see how the public is reacting to the situation...with some seeing nothing wrong with what Jonah Hill said:

...And then there were people who did not agree with Jonah's use of the word 'boundary' because they feel he was purposely misusing it in order to control his ex:

Where do we stand on this? Well, we believe that the term boundary is being misused here. Boundaries are for yourself, not anybody else. For example, The Cutie Booty Magazine can say, "We don't tolerate racism or sexism and all who violate will be banned from using our site.' That boundary basically says that if you behave in this way, then we will behave in this manner. BUT, we cannot tell site visitors that in order to visit the site, they have to worship Jesus Christ. That's not a boundary that is a demand and they are not the same thing.

We don't have all the intricacies of the matter but we DO KNOW that a boundary is not about controlling other people but protecting yourself. Jonah can't really say he's protecting himself from a Women HE PURSUED.

But what say you? All (respectful) opinions are welcome! Do you feel Jonah is being abusive? Do you feel Jonah is misusing the term 'boundaries' and if so do you think he might just be misled or was he intentionally attempting to shrink his ex to his 'ideal?'

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