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Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Class is in Session Cuties and our next lesson is on 'Married Men.'

A woman posts a screenshot of text message showing her friend talking to a man she supposedly met at a lounge. She posted it with the following caption:

"My homegirl met a guy at a lounge we went to and this is how their convo went. Some of ya'll are so unserious 😂😂"

Tweet gets retweeted by Jennifer Gao with the following caption:

"Finding out a man who bagged you at a lounge has a wife and 2 kids and still responding was a choice.

Following up with 'what are your intentions with me?' was another choice."


"Married Men who have children will have a hard time finding quality time to spend with you since most of his time will be dedicated to the family he promised to be devoted to. Try to reserve access for Men who won't have to split their time between you and their wives."

What other lessons do you think this Cutie can stand to learn about?

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