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Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Dear Cutie,

First of all, THANK YOU for reading The Cutie Daily! We truly appreciate you looking around our site because look at where you landed? This is the FIRST POST for our 'Confessions' feature!

'Confessions' is about unburdening yourself. At first we wanted it to be about ALL confessions. Then we changed it to Mean Girls confessing their dirty deeds. After some time with the team we decided we wanted our Confessional to be about YOU. We want it to be a space for Women to unburden themselves about societal, professional and personal pressures that are specific to Women regardless of race. The Cutie Booty Magazine's Mission is Self-Contentedness and confessing and releasing what troubles you has a funny way of being helpful.

Don't ever feel forced to confess. This space is for Women courageous enough to release. That is a space not everybody is familiar with, which is exactly why we created this magazine in the first place. If you need to take some time and familiarize yourself with the Magazine then please do so. It will work wonders in building your confidence so that when you return, the act of speaking your truth won't be so overwhelming.

That said, this is our first post and it's about Motherhood. Let's get into it! Thanks again for reading The Cutie Booty Magazine and welcome!

-Sanni, The Creator of The Cutie Booty Magazine


There's a GREAT conversation happening on the X app right now about Motherhood.

Women are sharing posts with their personal feelings about Motherhood and not all of it is sunshine and rainbows. It's Real, rare and raw and that's why we wanted to hear from you about what you have to say about the conversation.

Here are a few posts to catch you up on the conversation:



Were you raised to think positively about Motherhood?

  • Yes.

  • No.

Share your thoughts below! How do you feel about Motherhood? Do you feel Women are trained to think positively about it?

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