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'Let's Play!'



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We help Women find opportunities to add pockets of PLAY to their day! According to Psych Central one of the benefits of play is that it can help you develop your ability to appreciate Beauty. We like this A LOT! If play can help you appreciate beauty, then there is a GOOD chance that it can help you appreciate YOUR BEAUTY! And if there's a good chance that play can help you appreciate YOUR BEAUTY, than there is an even greater chance of play helping you 'Feel Cute!'

Portrait of woman dancing and having fun standing against yellow background. Fashionable w

Why We Do it

Because we wanna play in your face. No, that's not why. Our parent company Cutie Booty Media, INC.'s mission is to help Women 'Feel Cute'. They use a variety of Media platforms to help Women improve their emotional well-being and The Cutie Booty Magazine is one example of that. Plus, as Women we DO NOT play enough! SERIOUSLY! When was the last time you scheduled PLAY into your week? We believe this is a HUGE barrier to adult friendships with other Women because we’re too booked up with ‘work’ and not enough ‘play!’ These are just two reasons why we do what we do. We want to help the Gworls ‘Feel Cute’ by scheduling more PLAY into their day!

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We research and develop content that show Women how they can add more play to their day. We also feature content that focuses on the emotional well-being of Women.

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Who We Do it foR

"The Gworls. It's alway about helping the Gworls. It's gonna always be about helping the Gworls live more authentic lives that help them 'Feel Cute,' period." ~Sani, Creator of The Cutie Booty Magazine

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Issa Start-Up

The Cutie Booty Magazine is a Startup Company 

The Cutie Booty Magazine hasn't officially launched yet.  What you are witnessing is our path to our official launch.  you will witness a lot of changes.  Our 2023 goals are to seek funding so that we can hire dope bloggers, videographers, writers, hosts, and a building so that we can serve our mission which is to serve you, cutie!  thank you for being patient with us. in return we offer you a front row seat to our launch and beyond. Stay tuned! 

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