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"Relationships need transparency. If you want a relationship that is meaningful, you can't avoid the tough conversations. You have to ask the questions that scare you and listen to the answers that are hard for you to hear." ~Jillian Turecki

"Marriage is not the end of the search for love. It's the end of the search for the person to love. The search for ways to love that person has just begun." ~Tank Sinatra

Intimacy is not just experienced through sex. It's whispering late at night. It's talking about growing up and what used to scare you. It's going places that remind you of your childhood. It's feeling each other without touching. It's exchanging energy.

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"I wanna be so locked in with my partner that it hurts them to hurt me… I want them to b so mutually in love that they considered my feelings and protect my heart is every room and conversation I’m not in.. 😩😩😩😩🥺" ~LEX ⚡️ @youknowlex_

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Confessable, Cashable, and Cute AF. Confessions.

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