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What makes YOU real?  What makes YOU raw?  What makes YOU rare?  The answers to every question depends on who you are and where you are in your journey.  The Cutie Booty Magazine believes that a Woman who can balance all three of these things in her life is a Woman with a healthy self-image.

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Do you keep it real with you? Forget other people, just you. Do you keep it real with yourself?  Are you honest with yourself about your strengths?  Because playing it small isn't keeping it real with yourself now is it?  Are you honest about your weaknesses? Like the fact that you would rather play it small than take a risk on your skills?  Yeah.  That's what this is all about.  Addressing THAT.

Embarrassed African American woman pursed lips, looks with puzzlement, hears something not


Do you FEEL your emotions or do you avoid them?  Don't answer that. Do you ever find yourself over reacting to situations that don't require your over-reaction?  Do you 'take it too far?' Do you 'get heated' easily?  How about on the flip your feelings get hurt easily?  Do you get offended easily?  We believe these are reactions to someone who lacks emotional intelligence and that is what 'keeping it raw' is all about. Feeling those feelings, baby. 

Happy female friends standing back to back against blue background. Two woman fashion mode


Do find yourself trying to 'fit in' more often than you try to simply being yourself?  It's okay.  Being human is complicated.  For 18 years they tell you to 'behave' like 'good kids do' and then after drilling it in that you've got to 'do like the good kids do' you don't understand how to 'be yourself' once you hit 18.  We understand.  That's the whole reason why we're addressing this in the Magazine.

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