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Consultations is about Women helping Women. Building community with other Women who are working on themselves is an excellent source of inspiration that will help you to keep you moving forward when the real world is BEGGING you to go back to the 'old you.' Subscribe and sign-up for an account so that you can leave messages for other Cuties! You can do this on The Cutie Daily under the 'Hey Cutie' section and we're working on creating more spaces for you to share your knowledge and real life experience! We really want Women to have a space to share their personal experience and knowledge about topics that are of the utmost importance in our day to day lives. Feel free to share your knowledge if you feel comfortable enough doing so. WARNING! The Cutie Booty Magazine does not tolerate in any form of verbal harrassment, abuse, disrespect, or racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny or any type of behavior that makes the Cuties feel uncomfortable in this online space created solely for them. In other words: We don't play about the Mental Health and Well-Being about The Cuties. On this page you will find information about the various consultation spaces we've created for the Cuties to learn, share and ponder in. With that, Thank You for visiting Cutie Constulations in The Cutie Booty Magazine! ALERT: We're looking for REAL LIFE Consultants to work with our Cuties one on one in our Classes. If you are interested PLEASE contact us at to be considered!

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Let us know what you think about the current trends!



Real, raw, and rare tips for those who haven't given up on love.

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Get that bag right and I'm talking about Today, Cutie.



Let us know what you think about the current trends!

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