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The Cutie Booty Magazine


When we first opened our Confessional we wanted it to be about Mean Girls coming clean about how they'e treated other Cuties in the past. But after some time with our team we decided a better approach would be to focus on the Cuties who were on the receiving end of harm done by Mean Girls in order to create a community of validation, boundary setting, and healing. We've shifted the focus from 'tell the truth about what you did to me' to 'This happened to me and I need space to process what happened so that I can feel and heal it and move on.' That feels different doesn't it? Exactly. Feel free to leave your confessionsal below and thank you for engaging in our Community.

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Is it confidential because...

In order to encourage honesty and privacy, our Cutie Confessional is completely confidential. You do not have to sign up or subscribe to our services in order to leave your confession. Even if you're a Visitor Cutie you can leave a confidentail confession and go on about your day AS LONG AS it's real, raw, and rare! Don't be lying!

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